Statement of Purpose

Local Offer Submission

Operational Brief

Phoenix College, Reading Numbers and age range
Phoenix currently offers 64 places for students (young men) aged between 11 and 18 years (secondary provision). There is no residential provision.

All full time day students from Reading Borough and the wider Berkshire Boroughs of Slough, Windsor and Maidenhead, West Berkshire, Wokingham and Bracknell Forest. The college has a few students from Swindon, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Surrey, Buckinghamshire, Enfield and Hillingdon.

Travelling time is taken into consideration for out of borough students, and is within the agreements made between the Placing Authority and Phoenix College.

Specific provision
Students whose main special needs and barrier to learning are Emotional, Behavioural and Social disorders (EBSD). All currently have a statement of SEN or are in the process of being statemented. Most have been permanently excluded, at least once, from mainstream schools and a few from other special schools. In the current climate of the need to reduce exclusion numbers, Phoenix works cooperatively with the LA’s to promote speedy managed moves for those students who are in ‘danger of permanent exclusion’ from mainstream schools, or whose assessments, whilst in a PRU, show that a return to mainstream schooling is not appropriate.  Student needs have become more complex and the school now provides for a wider range of needs, including A- typical Autism and Inobstructive Aspergers.

Phoenix College, Reading General Admissions Procedure (also see Admissions Policy)
Admissions are based on the capacity of Phoenix College to meet the needs of the individual young person. Most students are referred to the school after the completion of Multi-Professional Assessments, if it is considered they would access and benefit from the provision offered by Phoenix College.  Papers are then submitted to the college via Reading Borough Council SEN team, for consideration. An admission meeting takes place between the college and the Reading Borough Council SEN manager. A decision is taken to offer an interview/visit, or not, depending on availability of space and whether the needs can be appropriately met. (See admissions policy). The views of the attached Educational Psychologist may be sought at this point. Parents/carers would then be contacted to make an appointment to visit the school with the young person, who would then be interviewed, to ascertain to what extent the school is able to meet his individual needs and offer full time education, without compromising the ethos or objectives of the school or the education of those pupils already placed. The result of the visit and any decisions are usually conveyed via the local authorities.

Other provision
When appropriate, the school can refer any pupils to:

  • Medical Services
  • Speech and Language therapy
  • Art psychotherapy
  • CAMH
  • Educational/Clinical Psychologist
  • SOURCE (Risk-taking involving drugs, alcohol and chemical substances)
  • Compensatory drama
  • RAP
  • MST
  • Edge of Care

All students are placed at Phoenix College on a full time basis, and the expectation is that they attend full time. Part time provision has, in the past, been trialled but the outcomes were not positive. Very occasionally a pupil may be dual registered with other provider.  At KS4 the education programme includes College and/or vocational links and work-related learning. Literacy across the curriculum is a major focus.

Phoenix College, Reading Pastoral
Phoenix promotes good pastoral relationships between students and the various adults charged with their care, support and education. All students are placed in age-appropriate tutor groups, led by a member of the teaching staff and a member of the support/mentoring staff. An established and effective Keyworking system operates. There is a clear and widely shared Code of Conduct, supported by minimal school and classroom rules.

Phoenix operates a points system (reward and sanctions programme). This is graphologically displayed and shared, and used by all the school community to evaluate engagement, behaviours and outcomes.

The college makes use of school time and after school detentions. There is legal backing (1997) for the detention of pupils after the end of school sessions (disciplinary) without the consent of the parent. Twenty four hour notice will be the norm, but in any event, the parent/carer will be contacted. The responsibility for making travel arrangements and costs after a detention lies with the parent. Phoenix will, of course, work cooperatively with the parent/carer. External exclusions are used minimally.

The college has a duty to use physical intervention on the very rare occasions where it is deemed appropriate. The focus is CARE and CONTROL. All staff are trained, but Phoenix College is proud of its reputation as a ‘non-restraining’ school.

College Motto

"Ad Astra Per Aspira" in Latin means to aspire for the stars. Our school endeavours to help students reach up to their potential.

College Ethos

Opportunity, Access & Achievement with Unconditional Caring.
We are a religious literate school.

Mission Statement

To provide a stable, caring environment in which each individual is given the dignity of access to a quality, balanced, relevant education through a curriculum, which promotes their academic and social development, allowing each individual to reach their potential and maximises their chances of living a happy and fulfilled life and contributing to society through work and leisure.

College Contact Details

Phoenix College, Reading Principal
Phoenix College
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Tel: 0118 937 5524
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